Why do you need it?

What is Optical Fiber:
Optical fiber is the latest and fastest available broadband internet cable that offers more reliable and stable internet connectivity over existing UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cable. It is Is made by drawing glass or plastic which is immune to electromagnetic interference resulting in lower rate of loss or interruption of data.
Why do you need it?
If you are looking for an ultra-fast smooth internet experience at your home or office, Optical fiber can provide significant benefits comparing to other cable technologies.
Faster Speed:
Optical fiber can transmit up-to 100 Gbps data so you can enjoy buffer-less HD video streaming and video call, high speed content download from media servers
Stable Connection:
Using FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) technology, Optical fiber establishes an uninterrupted connection from our server to your home/office. So data loss in transmission is zero no matter how long the distance data needs to travel while using UTP cable suffers significant data loss depending on the physical length of the connection. The cable is immune to electromagnetic interference, very durable and tear resistant so you can enjoy smooth and stable internet connection in any weather even during storm and rain.
All Of Our Home Internet Packages Are Using The Latest Fiber-to-The-Home (FTTH) Technology,
So That You can Enjoy Steady Internet Connection Without Any Interruption Such As Data Loss,
Speed Fluctuation, Storm & Rain. We Also Have Triple Layer Power Backup Using Online UPS, IPS & Generator.

Additional Service: 
Using Shared-Bandwidth Technology,
We Are Able To Offer High Speed Internet For Browsing And Even Higher (Up-to 100 Mbps)
Additional Bandwidth On Facebook, YouTube, BDIX Servers And Our Own Media Server.

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